Ring the Alarm Red
Ring the Alarm Red
Ring the Alarm Red

Ring the Alarm Red

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Penis rings create stronger, longer-lasting erections in a safe and simple way. Just slide the ring to the base of the penis to maintain maximum length and girth during sex. Choose from four different shapes and textures depending on your mood and your partner's pleasure spots! There's a tantalizing tickler, a ribbed cuff, a livesaver shape and a longer bottleneck style, each with their own erotic experience to offer. Take them underwater safely and clean easily with Zero Tolerance toy cleaner and a warm water rinse.

H:1.18" W:1.18" D.1.18"

H:1.65" W:1.65" D:.60"

H:1.18" W:1.25" D:1.25"

H:2.08" W:1.25" D:.81"