Sensuva On For Her Arousal Oil Original Large Box - 5 Ml Bottle

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More than just a warming oil, "On" is an exciting new product that uses a proprietary blend of essential oils and botanicals to create a safe, natural arousal effect. It is designed to naturally stimulate the clitoris to bring arousal, and can aid the release of the body's natural lubrication. This is a natural product, and "On" does not contain harsh preservatives, L-Arginine, parabens, or menthols, nor does it contain perfumes or artificial flavoring. Effect: After applying 1-2 drops onto your clitoris, gently massage the clitoris with your finger to help the natural oils of "On" penetrate the skin. Within a minute or two, you will be "on!" You should feel a warming sensation, followed by a tingly, almost electric buzzing or pulsating stimulation that increases arousal and induces natural lubrication. As arousal is increased, orgasm is often achieved more easily and enjoyed with greater intensity.